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They know that in Poland is to be a decent judiciary. But I am for it. Nay, it is difficult to say that Mr. President does not know what is happening in the Polish judiciary. He is acutely aware of this.

Only thing is, that was a good thing and a good thing not bad. See also: Everything you need to know about the law on common courts. How is and how it is to be “Are you surprised by the aggressive discussion that goes on within the entire environment or formation, which is centered around the ruling camp? I am perhaps a little surprised, but when you think about it, it should not be. Therefore, that the judiciary is the ulcer in our country, which we could never begin to heal. I always said that there is no political will and now it turns out that there is a will, and here Mr.

President protests. Yes, protests content and wants this change actually took place, but to create the kind of perpetual motion. Such that one person, so the Attorney General occupies all possible judicial offices, as well as the Supreme Court, and then comes the next shift mechanism created and used, it changes everything upside down again. You can not run such a mechanism, it had to somehow try to suppress. Vetoing these two laws: one of the National Court and the Supreme Court for a second attempt at such a slowdown. Now, within two or three months furthest I understand that the president will present, in consultation with the Minister of Justice its initiative and will be able to make changes in life. Many commentators have said that the decision we took the president’s attempts to reform the burial.

There is no burial, because the work will take place. It is essential signed the law on common courts, where Mr. Prosecutor, Minister of Justice can all presidents of common courts begin to change. Everyone, at all levels. The President wants to fix two other Act. And probably a little repair, because it looks that these laws were prepared in a hurry. Does the president felt uninformed, the whole process quick proceeding in parliament?

Act on the Supreme Court saw posted on the Internet. We could all at the same time to see this bill. It is simply outrageous. Why do done? I think it is also on this aspect and think about things.

They underestimated the role of the president? Mr. President and his colleagues want to build a strong state. And I think that the whole PiS also wants the same. Mr Kaczynski, the president rightly pointed out that we do not have to have an artificial state, the only real. So true state until the constitution is what we have: good, bad, whatever, but it has some, and it is in the president’s office, which has a significant impact on the legislation and is also responsible for the quality of justice. And this reform not guaranteed.

With the president was not consulted, no consensus was reached, did not do it together. After all, this issue should together make an appointment should be meeting. For half a year, we should work together. And nobody said nothing about it. See also: NCR spokesman: Law Courts after the veto laws on the Supreme Court and the National Court will be more dangerous »The President announced that in two months will present its proposal. Is this a bad time, these emotions will expire?

I hope they expire, but the emotion is very different. You have to be careful when they are unleashed, because it is difficult to predict, which sometimes can happen to them. However, I hope that everyone will consider whether they wish to destroy our country, whether they intend to build it. Certainly the president is the one who supports building a strong country and it wants to do with the government. But the government must take into account the institution of the president. And this is not about Mr.

Andrzej Duda, but the institution of the president. As president must take into account the government institution, the institution of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. We were big supporters of the linkages of these two positions, because in our opinion it was indicated that the penal policy of the state was run by the government, not by the corporation. All we are also of the opinion that the judiciary should be independent because judges must retain the status of independent. In contrast, although the judiciary should be independent of government, it should not be a corporate structure.

We had just liquidate. The opposition wants to be treated cosmetically reform despite the fact that citizens have a completely different opinion and they want deep reforms. This area of ??discussion, whether we do or not do, moved at this time in the sphere of formation, which holds power in Poland. Now it is no longer a question of “whether to make changes” only “how to do it, how deep and when.” The discussion today roll two centers of power in Poland rather than power with the opposition. Not much is said about this interesting situation, which is formed after the presidential veto. This is a phenomenal situation. If this is all, all hold out, do not fall into this ridiculous hysteria, this together with the Ministry of Justice and its institutes, we can create a judiciary independent from the government and throw out the justice that the entire company, which should be a long time.

The idea of ??the establishment of the disciplinary chamber in the Supreme Court is a good president and you loved it. There is one idea on which much depends on me personally and which is also a very good idea. As for the establishment of institutions for extraordinary appeal victimized by the judiciary, so that there was a third instance, as an extraordinary measure merits of the case from the beginning, not only in formal terms. Judge Janusz Wojciechowski fighting for this for many years. This is a very good and important idea. Currently, there are only very narrowly conceived cassation. One word will be revised Law on the Supreme Court and the National Judicial Council.

Roughly amendments in the National Court apply this to the members KRS could not manning only one party, if there is no constitutional majority, but to be a little bit it was still spluralizowac and allow other political forces. The president pointed out that the current law is in conflict with the constitution? Of course. The message that you sent the president in public space is clear: Let’s do everything, but so that this took place within the framework of the constitution. There was a clear correspondence with what the president said in May: let’s start with changing the constitution. Is it to be understood that what flows from the presidential palace? I think exactly the point.

Therefore, the idea is to ask, and in the places where our constitution should be changed. Where she introduces ambiguity, or does not allow us to change things, that as in the case of the judiciary, should change. This situation is in fact detrimental to the functioning of the state as a whole. And the president is simply huge panstwowcem. I always thought that the Law and Justice, and in particular its President, also wants to build just such a Poland. That’s why I do not think that you can not communicate. I think that first we should stop all hysterical, just get down to work together.

It is the reform and for two – three months will be its continuation. What was, it was really unacceptable. The President had to react. But we go forward. Zofia Romaszewska is a social activist, a participant of the democratic opposition in communist Poland. Together with her husband Zbigniew Romaszewski co-Intervention Bureau of KSS “KOR” and Radio “Solidarity”. Is an advisor to the President of Poland social Andrzej Duda.

It is the Lady of the Order of the White Eagle. He talked by Mariusz Pilis On the second day XXVIII of the Economic Forum in Krynica deputy Glinski was one of the panelists during the debate Fri. “Europe of common values ??and common interests of Europe?”. At the outset of his speech, Deputy Prime Minister Glinski referred to the title of the debate by stating that it is based on the wrong premise. “The dilemma of whether to go for the common interest, the common democratic values ??is a false dilemma. This dilemma has never existed. Prior to such a dilemma is not became founding fathers “- powiedzial.zobacz also Glinski: We are the first team, which has already completed most of their forthcoming» According to Glinski current European elites clearly do not want to admit it. “The founding fathers were clearly the union of states, which are sovereign. They did not plan bureaucratic institutions, which will be taking over the undemocratic way the powers of democratically elected authorities, “- he said.

In his view, the key question should be, what values ??should be understood as common to the whole of the EU and what common interests. “According to me there is no incompatibility between values ??and interests. The values ??are related to the interests and the interests of values ??”- he said. Glinski also pointed out that in Europe we have to deal with many examples of divergent interests. He pointed here on energy policy, or migration. “This is the most visible examples of” – he added. The real problem – said Glinski – the ability to build a common set of values ??and interests. The Deputy Prime Minister stated that “Europe and the EU, have been developed and evolved thanks to some values ??which motivated the founding fathers,” and one of them were Christian values. “Without that the EU would not formed. For sure the EU does not arise because values ??such as political correctness “- he said.

According to Glinski, “the great success of the European Union was built on Christian values, not the values ??resulting from political correctness.” “We want to build a Europe based on the values ??that would be acceptable to all, in such a shape in which they lay the basis for the EU at the moment of its creation,” – he added. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Peter Szijjarto referring to the vision of Europe estimated that what today is the mainstream tomorrow it may already be there, particularly after next year’s elections to the European Parliament. Referring to the value of Szijjarto also said that “a set of Christian values ??has meant that Europe has such a great success.” “The further we move away from those Christian values, the less we are likely to return to a competitive, strong and the successful European Union” – zaznaczyl.zobacz also Glinski questions about the proposed referendum: These are called. obvious questions »” From the perspective of Hungary we want to return to the values ??on which the EU was built and would go back to the values ??that have made Europe has become strong, “- he added. In the opinion of Szijjarto Europe is currently facing enormous historical challenges. In this context, he referred to statements Glinski, who spoke about the energy and migration.

He added that these issues should be added the problem of terrorism and Brexit. “It would be anti-European, if considered antyeuropejczykow those who have a different position than the liberal mainstream. We need a strong EU “- he said. According to him, you need to discuss “how to do it together, because the European Union is a strong strong strong by the Member States.” “The more federalist Europe is a dead end. If more and more powers, more and more power is being removed to the Member States that these countries is weakened, and therefore you can not build a strong European Union” – rating. The Hungarian minister believes that “we need a strong Member States and based on strong Member States we can build a strong European Union.

To do this – he added – must get rid of the three phenomena: the hypocrisy of political correctness and double standardow.zobacz also Glinski: At the moment in Poland we have a complete media freedom “in this context referred to the Polish Szijjarto saying that our country, like Hungary is under attack by the European institutions. “In fact, legal issues, for which Poland is under attack today, are also in the countries of Western Europe,” – he said. On the other hand, he added, the European Commission has no problem with the gas pipeline Nord stream2. Referring to the economic Szijjarto stated inter alia that the Union should allow competition between Member States. “He can not take away our right of countries to compete within the EU” – he stressed. Hungarian Minister also pointed out that next year we will have for the first time to deal with a reduction in the EU. “So far the following years always bring larger groups of member states. We need to get back on the path to increase the number of members, because their losing is a bad turn of events, “- he added. Vice-President of the Congress of Deputies in General Cortes in Spain Micaela Navarro Garzon also found that if we do not have a consensus when it comes to values, “we will not be able to also observe the common rules of the game, which made it here we are.” “It is thanks to him we are members of this club (EU – PAP)” – she added.

As pointed out, the EU is a union of countries of diverse, different, where there are different political situations, but – she said – is what unites us is that all these countries are democratic countries. “To be a member of the EU need to be a democratic country, that is the size of the Union” – he said. “I think if we can pursue a policy in the EU, which will take into account the political consensus in individual countries, it is much easier to strengthen the EU itself. If, however, come forward with our interests, our political values, as a political organization, over the interests of the country, the harder it will be for us to try to force the European Union “- said Micaela Navarro Garzon. The investigation was initiated on the basis of the notification of the President’s Chancellery October 2015. No picture “Gesiarka” by Roman Kochanowski from the late nineteenth century, it was found during the audit after taking office President Andrzej Duda. The image was disclosed in one of Warsaw’s auction houses, which issued it up for sale in June 2015. “In the course of the investigation established how the image came up for auction, and revealed that the person who first introduced the image of the market was b. The employee of the Chancellery Polish president Jaroslaw G., who at that stage of the investigation charged with the offense of handling stolen goods. After a series of evidence indicated by Jaroslaw G. circumstances alleged by him image acquisition were deemed unreliable, which led him payforaresearchpaper to present a complaint of theft image of particular importance for culture “- said on Tuesday in a statement the prosecutor. Michael Deanery, a spokesman for the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office.

Appointed by the prosecution expert has confirmed the authenticity of protected works, as well as the rating that it has a special meaning for kultury.zobacz also Magierowski: Image “Gesiarka” returned to the Presidential Palace »G. – even on suspicion of handling stolen goods – in January last year, he explained, that in autumn 2014., purchased the painting for the amount of 100 zl Mirowska Hall at him from an unknown man.